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Serving Families in Need
For more than 35 years, the Bienvenidos Food Bank has offered emergency food assistance to people in need. If a family is in crisis and needs food we are available no matter where they come from. Once a family has established themselves we continue offer on-going help for those living in our service area and assist all others to find the services they need closer to them.

We Turn Your $1 Donation into $9 Worth of Food
Through our partnerships with places such as the Food Bank of the Rockies, Ready Foods and local grocery stores, we are able to receive donated or purchased food at huge discounts to make every dollar you donate go a lot further. We are also an authorized sub-agency of the USDA Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) which provides government commodities. While food donations are always appreciated, we can help many more families through your financial support.

A Choice Food Pantry
We offer a variety of foods every week and families “shop” for what they will need, use and want. No matter when someone comes to us for help they will leave with enough healthy food of their choice. Greater choice also means less waste and a more respectful experience.

Healthy Food
We make it a priority to provide healthy options each week. We purchase fresh fruits and vegetables knowing that many families choose not to buy these foods due to their expense. We also try to make available things such as healthy snacks, yogurt and staples such as flour, rice and beans.

We are Open Every Week
We know that families may need help at any time. That’s why we believe in being open nearly every week, conveniently in the morning and evening, and we have no restrictions on how often families in our service area may come for assistance. However, about 80% of our clients only use the food bank 4 times a year or less.

We Deliver
Homebound seniors and disabled clients can receive balanced and easy to prepare foods each week via door to door deliveries. And every Thanksgiving we deliver an additional 400 food baskets to families in need.

More than Just Food
Through our partnerships with other organizations, we provide clients with weekly blood pressure and blood sugar tests, yearly mammogram screening and access to rent assistance, bus passes and other important services to assist families in need. We partner with SNAP the food stamp agency to support their work program and always provide an environment of dignity and respect.

A Community Serving Each Other
The majority of our volunteer help comes from clients themselves. They are not required to help nor do they receive any different services. They come because they want to give back for the help they receive. We are proud to be a community of friends helping friends and neighbors helping neighbors.

Mobile Food Pantry
We have expanded our assistance through a Mobile Pantry program that brings food directly to high need neighborhoods in our area. This program is a costs effective way to serve families and individuals who have never used our food bank before. Thousands of clients in our area now have greater access to food assistance without the huge expenses of a permanent building. Our current location serves our clients in the West Colfax region (in a nationally designated food desert) and closer to shelters, low income housing and senior programs.

Neighborhood Assistance Sites
To meet our goal of greater access for first time and/or emergency food assistance, we’ve established on-sight assistance options in local schools, service agencies and other participating hosts in our Northwest Denver area. We partner with School Social Workers, Case Managers and other professionals who have every day contact with children and families in need to provide on-sight emergency food help. New clients also receive referrals and information about our weekly and mobile pantry sites.

Bienvenidos Food Bank is a program of the North West Family Assistance Center, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations are tax deductible.





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