Summers are extra busy for Amber Kissack, who runs the rafting company American Adventure Expeditions with her husband, Mike. 
But she still finds time to volunteer at Bienvenidos Food Bank.
 “When I come here I feel present – my mind isn’t anywhere else, planning, working or doing,” she says. “I’m connecting with the people and the food in front of me. It’s very gratifying.”
Amber and her family have lived in Northwest Denver since 2007. 
“I’m surrounded by people who have lived here a long time and they really impart a lot of Northside wisdom on me,” she says. “I really enjoy supporting the community.”
Amber considers herself a “Colorado ambassador,” sharing what she loves about the state with her friends and clients. From May 1 to Labor Day, American Adventure Expeditions runs six rafting trips daily, seven days a week in Buena Vista.
“I love helping people experience what life is like here – the energy is different and people are so active,” she says. “I enjoy sharing the beauty of our state.” 
Amber says she’s grateful to be able to help the families who come to Bienvenidos.
“What really blows me away about coming here is that people are so positive, kind and grateful – they really show the strength of the human spirit,” she says. “To be able to make a connection with people as they come through the line is very special.”