Donate Money

$1 donation = $9 of food

Your financial donation is the most powerful way to help families in need. Through our partnerships with local grocery stores and other food providers, we are able to turn every $1 cash donation into more than $9 worth of food, including fresh meat and produce!

Bienvenidos Food Bank is a program of the Northwest Family Assistance Center, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Donations are tax deductible (EIN# 74-2543251).

Ways to Donate

We partner with Colorado Gives 365 to accept your online financial donation. Secure online donation via our partner Colorado Gives.

Please mail your donation to:

Bienvenidos Food Bank
PO Box 11948
Denver, CO 80211

You can make a donation with your Colorado Tax return by writing in Bienvenidos Food Bank and our ReFund #: 20083005420

Instructions for using the ReFund Colorado tax Program:

  1. Use the Voluntary Contributions Schedule on your Colorado tax form.  
  2. On Line 19 “Donate to a Colorado Nonprofit Fund add the amount you would like to donate from your tax refund.
  3. Enter our 11-digit Secretary of State number: 20083005420 in the line below.
  4. Enter Bienvenidos Food Bank in the “Enter the Name of the Registered Charitable Organization” section.

If using a tax preparer, provide the above information when you share your tax documents.

If you are part of a workplace giving program, please consider Bienvenidos as a charity of choice.

The Bienvenidos Food Bank is a program of the Northwest Family Assistance Center, a 501 C 3 Colorado nonprofit organization.

Client Stories


Kenny, 57, has lived in Northwest Denver his entire life. An estimator for the State of Colorado, Kenny picks up food for his 91-year-old mother ...
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Serpil, 79, came to Bienvenidos after her monthly food stamps payment dropped to $23. When she came to the food bank, she says she had ...
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Mary Grace

For Mary Grace, the Bienvenidos Grocery Delivery Program has been a lifeline – especially during the peak of COVID. “Bienvenidos brings me everything I need,” ...
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Gloria Ortiz has worked hard all her life. Born in Zacatecus, Mexico, Gloria emigrated to the United States as a pre-teen, joining her mother and ...
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Andrea wanted a different life for her daughter, 4-year-old Ananiah-Michelle. Andrea, 35, grew up in a family where her parents were addicts. She ran away ...
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Katie & Evangelina

“It’s a blessing we can food for our family in these hard times.” Quote from Katie
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Misha’s rent went up 14% two months ago. Although she works as a secretary, she finds it’s hard to make ends meet. “I don’t always ...
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Ryan, an electrical line worker, finds he can’t make it working 40 hours a week earning minimum wage. Bienvenidos helps. “The price of gas and ...
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Josephina doesn’t have a car. She’s grateful Bienvenidos brings food to Quigg Newton Homes in Denver, where she lives with her granddaughter Mila, 5. “Food ...
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Michael calls himself a soldier and a survivor. A resident of Del Norte Veterans Apartments in Denver, Michael, 50, says he was in the U.S. ...
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Carmen, 58, knows what it’s like to be hungry and alone. A native of Rota, Spain, Carmen was orphaned at a young age and never learned ...
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Angel, 40, works full-time as a Denver restaurant server to support her five children. She had more than $600 monthly in SNAP benefits to support her ...
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