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When A.J. Unander, 27, moved to Denver from Boston in 2020, it was hard to meet people because of the pandemic. He researched food banks and found Bienvenidos close to home. A.J., a structural engineer, still worked on East Coast time. He’s able to volunteer at Bienvenidos on Thursday afternoons after he finishes his workday. […]

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Summers are extra busy for Amber Kissack, who runs the rafting company American Adventure Expeditions with her husband, Mike.  But she still finds time to volunteer at Bienvenidos Food Bank.  “When I come here I feel present – my mind isn’t anywhere else, planning, working or doing,” she says. “I’m connecting with the people and the food

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Kenny, 57, has lived in Northwest Denver his entire life. An estimator for the State of Colorado, Kenny picks up food for his 91-year-old mother and shares with his many nieces and nephews who live nearby. “I’m on the low end of the pay scale, so it really helps,” he says. “Everyone is upbeat and

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Serpil, 79, came to Bienvenidos after her monthly food stamps payment dropped to $23. When she came to the food bank, she says she had only a single slice of bread and a banana in her pantry. “What can you buy with $23? A dozen eggs? A carton of milk? It’s so sad,” says Serpil,

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Mary Grace

For Mary Grace, the Bienvenidos Grocery Delivery Program has been a lifeline – especially during the peak of COVID. “Bienvenidos brings me everything I need,” she says. “I can stay at home and be safe.”

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Gloria Ortiz has worked hard all her life. Born in Zacatecus, Mexico, Gloria emigrated to the United States as a pre-teen, joining her mother and six siblings. She worked in the fields picking onions and beets. When the family moved to Denver, Gloria, 68, worked in a sewing factory, laundromats and cleaned houses, all while

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Andrea wanted a different life for her daughter, 4-year-old Ananiah-Michelle. Andrea, 35, grew up in a family where her parents were addicts. She ran away from home at age 13 and suffered substance abuse herself. She says she moved to Denver for a better life, free of her past. “I’m living a clean lifestyle now,

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Misha’s rent went up 14% two months ago. Although she works as a secretary, she finds it’s hard to make ends meet. “I don’t always need extra food, but it’s good to know you’re here.”

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Ryan, an electrical line worker, finds he can’t make it working 40 hours a week earning minimum wage. Bienvenidos helps. “The price of gas and everything else is going up, but not my pay,” he says. “I’m always struggling.”

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