On Thursday afternoons, the boxes of produce are sorted by fruit and vegetables. They’re carefully stacked by size and color and are as neat as any grocery store.

That’s thanks to Tyler Mangin, 37, a Bienvenidos volunteer for two years. An economist, Tyler was looking to volunteer at a food bank when he moved back to Denver from Boston. He lives three blocks from Bienvenidos.

He worked in the produce department at a grocery store as a college student in Boulder and brought his organizational skills to Bienvenidos.

“I like that we offer really good produce, it’s not just stuff that’s been rejected by grocery stores,” he says. “We actually buy fresh fruit and vegetables too and that’s great.”

You’ll find Tyler sorting, stocking and sweeping every week at Bienvenidos.

“I look at this as a grocery store for a lot of people and I want them to have the same experience,” he says. “I like to think we’re the best farmer’s market on the Northside.”